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UBS (Lux) Bond Fund - Global (EUR hedged) P-acc
ISIN no.:  LU0487186396
Category profile
UBS Flexible Fixed Income Funds are actively managed and broadly diversified portfolios that offer investors the opportunity to invest flexibly and actively in a wide range of bond classes.

Fund description
The fund invests worldwide, mainly in bonds from issuers with high creditworthiness (classified as investment grade by the established rating agencies). The investment universe comprises government/quasi-government, corporate and securitized bonds backed by fixed assets or mortgages. The fund may also invest opportunistically in emerging market and high yield bonds. The portfolio has an average credit quality of investment grade.
The fund takes active positions in interest rates, credit and currencies using bonds and derivatives. The fund manager combines a mix of carefully selected issuers and bonds across a range of maturities and in various currencies with the aim of exploiting attractive return opportunities while maintaining risk control.
The exchange rate risk between CHF and EUR is largely hedged.

Key benefits
The flexible investment solution strives to achieve an attractive return over the medium term compared to the broader bond markets while focusing on prudent risk management.
The fund offers a dynamic strategy that uses bonds and derivatives to take active positions in global interest rates, credit and currencies. Active management aims to achieve an optimal risk/return ratio.
Clients are offered access to a globally diversified portfolio whose rigorous investment approach centers on controlling downside risks through comprehensive research and risk management.

The fund may engage in relatively high-risk strategies in bond and currency markets, whereby both long and short positions may be held and derivatives may be used. The use of derivatives may result in additional risks (notably counterparty risk). Depending on the credit rating (credit quality), corporate bonds may exhibit a higher default risk than government bonds. The default risk of high yield and emerging market bonds is higher than that of corporate and government bonds of investment grade quality. Changes in interest rate levels, credit spreads and currencies may affect the value of the fund. Emerging markets are in an early stage of development, which is typically associated, for example, with pronounced price fluctuations and other specific risks such as lower market transparency, regulatory hurdles and corporate governance provisions, as well as political and social challenges. Emerging markets may have limited liquidity. Greater portfolio flexibility may increase the risk that portfolio management decisions negatively affect performance. Investments are subject to market fluctuations.The fund can invest in less liquid assets that may be difficult to sell in the case of distressed markets. Each fund exhibits specific risks, which may increase significantly under unusual market conditions. The aforementioned aspects require investors to have the corresponding risk appetite and risk capacity.

Product features
Product category
UBS Bond Funds
UBS Flexible Fixed Income Funds
Product domicile
Portfolio management
UBS Asset Management, London
Fund management
UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A.
Custodian bank
UBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch
Day of inception
April 28, 2010
Currency of account
Close of financial year
March 31
Issue / redemption
Open end
Management fee
0.91% p.a.
Total expense ratio (TER)
1.20% p.a.
Swing pricing
Minimum investment
Reference Index / Benchmark 1)
Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate TR (EUR hedged)
1)  Following the realignment of the UBS fund range, asset allocation for this fund was adjusted with effect from 01.01.2016.
Reference index change on 01.01.2016 - old: JPM Government Bond Index Global EUR hedged, new: Barclays Global Aggregate TR EUR hedged.

Current data
Net asset value
High - last 12 months
Low - last 12 months
Assets of the unit class in mn
Total product assets in mn
Theoretical yield to maturity (net) 1)
Average remaining maturity
13.21 years
1)  The number shows the yield of the share class before currency hedging

ISIN no.
Bloomberg Ticker
Reuters Id
Telekurs Id

Performance chart (EUR-based, as of September 19, 2018)
Indexed, Month-end values
Performance chart (EUR-based, as of September 19, 2018)

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Performance (in %, as of September 19, 2018)
in %
ø p.a.
5 years
The performance shown does not take account of any commissions, entry or exit charges.
These figures refer to the past. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

By investment currency (in %, as of August 31, 2018)

By sector (in %, as of August 31, 2018)
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Source for all data and charts (if not indicated otherwise): UBS Asset Management
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